Cairns Pilates Studio

Flexibility, strength, body awareness and balance

Restore and improve your vitality with Pilates

At AG Physio by Amanda Gale, we truly believe in the power of Pilates. Our Pilates classes take an innovative and integrated approach, an approach that creates total wellness, transforming your body both inside and out.

If you think Pilates is not for you, we are here to change that. Pilates is for EVERY BODY. Our highly skilled instructors can help guide you through classes, improving your health, strengthening your body and mind, reducing stress and assisting you to optimise your health.

With over 500 different movements and exercises, our instructors can ensure that the perfect program is tailored for you, with modifications available to suit all fitness levels.

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The Benefits of Pilates

Increased muscle strength and tone, particularly your core muscles

Rehabilitation or prevention of injuries related to muscle imbalances

Increased body awareness and improved posture

Improved stabilisation of your spine

Improved physical coordination and balance

Stress management and relaxation