I have learned that to progress, we need to work together. My approach to Physiotherapy is to collaborate with the person where the plan is tailored to the person’s goals. This could include pain management strategies to address pain flare-ups, exercise therapy to return you to your chosen sport or hobby informing you about your injury, how to manage, and what the plan of attack is in times of highs and in moments of lows.

I am currently training to specialise in sports medicine where the focus is to consider your needs as a person holistically, encompassing what I can offer to get you to stay on track no matter the kind of athlete you are.

I enjoy empowering people to be confident in moving, be confident in managing, and be confident in having the tools they need for success. I enjoy assessing and managing those who have experienced musculoskeletal injury, post-operative management, and chronic pain.

My hobbies include scuba diving, rock climbing, hiking, and travel. Fortunately, I have gained experience working as a Physiotherapist in the UK, Isle of Man and presently work actively between Australia and Austria