Hi, I’m Adrian!

I graduated from university in the UK in 2007 and headed straight for a career in sports and athletic performance, working for Adidas in the UK looking after their employees and sponsored athletes. Since then I’ve continued to work within sport choosing to focus specifically on cyclists and runners as this is a sport that is close to my heart, having competed in cycling from a young age.

In addition to my physiotherapy within sport, I really enjoy working with patients that have long-term conditions such as back pain and osteoarthritis. This is because managing these conditions requires a holistic approach including nutrition and lifestyle factors in addition to physiotherapy and exercise.

Outside of work I still enjoy my cycling and can regularly be found at races in Cairns and throughout Australia. My passion for helping people achieve athletic performance has seen me complete further qualifications such as a degree in exercise physiology and coaching qualifications within cycling. If you are young or old, fit or unfit – I’m passionate about helping you achieve your goals in pain and fitness.